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The Valley

The Valley is about the mindset of the CIA, determined to win the cold war at the expense of innocent people, including women and children. Chilling stories unfold about the journey of a bewildered child trying to resist the system. It brings a unique blend of mystery and heartbreak, creating an emotional puzzle for audiences to figure out, while capturing hearts and imaginations through the use of suspenseful conflicts and often bizarre and cruel revelations.


America Matters

– ‘Out of the Box’ –

MK Ultra – 22 July 2019

America Matters

– ‘Out of the Box’ –

MK Ultra – 5 August 2019

America Matters

– ‘Out of the Box’ –

MK Ultra – 12 August 2019

The Valley:

‘Inside MK ULTRA’

Marc Victor

America Matters

– ‘Out of the Box’ –

MK Ultra – 19 August 2019

America Matters

– ‘Out of the Box’ –

MK Ultra – 26 August 2019

Mysterious Huntsman

MH Ep 26 MK Ultra Victim Marc Victor,

with Marina Louw


MK Ultra – 9 October 2019

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Kamikaze Butterfly

Kamikaze Butterfly uses a unique technique, creating a surreal atmosphere by blending anime genre with real life actors. It brings an eerie, dark atmosphere, analyzing an underlying psychology of depression and rebirth through self-destruction, paradoxically defeating what you hate by becoming it.


Michael Hall

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Michael Hall has spent the last decade creating key imagery for large scale feature films including Cloverfield, Grindhouse, Pacific Rim, and Prometheus.  He spent a year in London helping Ridley Scott bring his cinematic vision to life. He has worked as an artist for Disney Feature Animation, Industrial Light and Magic, and currently Pixar Animation Studios.

Michael is a member of the Visual Effects Society and has been recognized with both an Annie award as well as a prestigious Visual Effects Society award. He resides in Berkley, California. Kamikaze Butterfly is his directorial debut.

Rob Gardner

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For 25 years Robb Gardner has been a veteran in the Visual Effects Motion Picture Industry. His artistic and technical expertise has contributed to the Oscar winning films Spiderman 2 and Rango.  In the span of his vast career he has worked on over 20 of the highest grossing blockbuster films of all times including Jurassic World.  Several films in the Marvel Universe and the Star Wars series.  Evolving in Motion Pictures, he is currently attached as a Producer/Visual Effects Supervisor for a stop-motion film and a Producer on two independent Features.

Marc Victor

Marc Victor was a top executive with the largest builder in the world, a master builder and designer, winner of several international awards for his design work. He has written several scripts that some include Up Against It the trilogy, Skin Deep, The Native Games and The Valley.

His film work started by working under the great Robert Fitzpatrick working closely with him till his unexpected death. He is the author and producer of The Valley.

Marina Louw

Marina Louw started out as a fashion designer in South Africa and moved on to become a full-time artist and jeweller over the past 27 years.  She has done numerous art exhibitions and owns her own jewellery design and manufacturing business in Johannesburg.  She still resides in South Africa, commuting between SA and the US since she joined Phoenix Dreamcatcher Productions.

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